Brides and Weddings

During our many years providing first-hand advice to Brides and Grooms on the preparation for their wedding day we have found several things are useful to know:

Playlists for every part of the night, Music for the special moments, How to choose the music with your partner, Games, How to set up the dance floor and more…

We hope this will help you in the preparation for your wedding day.

Wedding Pre Dinner Playlist

Something relaxing that will make your guests feel welcomes as they enter the venue. I can see that when people arrive to a new place they look for something familiar that will make them feel comfe..Read More..>>

Wedding Dinner Playlist

This could be a continuous flow from the Pre Dinner Music though a little more racy, in order to pick the energy up. You can choose songs that you and your guests can have a sing-a-long to or have ..Read More..>>

Wedding Party Playlist

For the party you can see a good idea of mixing things up, giving everyone a good time by playing songs that everyone can relate to. Starting with old Classics, mixing in some top 40, then some cla..Read More..>>

Wedding Games

This is a great way to get everyone to engage in some fun time. During weddings in the evening we play games around 10pm after everyone had a good dance . We start with the “Throw Of The Bouquet...Read More..>>

Wedding Cake Cutting Songs

For your Cake cutting you can have something that reminds you of each other, one of “your songs” or just a fun song that you both enjoy together or something to do with sweetness or eating swee..Read More..>>

Wedding Speeches intro songs

Making a speech at a wedding for most people can be a little nerve racking and a great way to break the ice is to play a short intro before every speech. This will also make their walk to the speec..Read More..>>

First song choices

Here are some suggestions for the first dance song. I have put them in categories to help you find your style and hopefully your song. The following are the most requested first dance songs as com..Read More..>>

Bridal Party Entrance Songs

There is a few different ways to make an entry into the reception of your wedding day:

How to choose the music for your Wedding Day (Reception)

There are many styles of music and when we talk about wedding music we need to include your favorite music along side your family and guests and mix it all up.

A professional DJ knows the p..Read More..>>