Wedding Games
May 19, 2015

This is a great way to get everyone to engage in some fun time. During weddings in the evening we play games around 10pm after everyone had a good dance . We start with the “Throw Of The Bouquet. Some Brides and Grooms love the games and some don’t. For the ones that don’t like it we usually just do the “Throw Of The Bouquet” and keep going with the dance floor.

You need a good MC that can drive the games forward and create party energy with all the guests. Personally I love the games and feel that they add an element of fun for everyone getting together but it does take away from the time of the dance floor. If you know your guests love the dance floor you can do without the games but if you are not sure then the games are a great element of fun. You can always put them in place and decide on the night.

Throw of the Bouquet: usually the Bride chooses a girl power song, here are some suggestions:

  • Cyndi Lauper - Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
  • Beyoncé - Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)
  • Will I Am – I Got It From My Mama
  • Destiny's Child - Independent Women, Pt. 1
  • David Guetta. Flo Rida FT. NICKI MINAJ -Where Them Girls At
  • Beyoncé - Run The World (Girls)
  • Cobra Starship Feat Leighton Meester - Good Girls Go Bad
Games for the Girls:

1. Treasure hunt:

The aim of the game is to get a piece of men’s clothing that the DJ announces and put them on, the winner is the first one that do it the most dynamic and fast.

You have the girls running around the room and chasing mens clothing, then putting it on top of their clothes, it is a lot of fun and laughter.

2. Ping Pong:

The aim of the game is to get a ping pong from one side of the men’s trousers to the other side and back. Using your hand on the outside of the front of the trousers, the winner is the one that do it the fastest.

Getting all the girls on the dance floor and then asking them to go and find a partner (not their partner) then asking them to face each other and we give each girl a ping pong and explain the aim of the game.

Boys Games:

Dance off:

One of the best game ever, it will take a little to explain, but worth the effort.

This game has a few stages

Stage one:

The aim of the game is to dance the best and impress the bride and the guests.

We ask all the mans to come to the dance floor, lets say we have 10 man. Then we ask them to choose one other man from the audience that will support them in the first party of the game.

Now we should have 10 couples of mans, spread on the dance floor.

We ask from the support guy to raise his hands and to make a Rocker stretched into the sky.

From the main guy we ask to show us the best pole dancing on the rocket, we put some music on, and after a few minutes the bride choses the best 3 dancers.

We thank everyone for participating, and we ask the 3 winners to stay together in one corner of the dance floor.

We bring a chair and ask the bride to sit in the middle of the dance floor.

Stage two:

We ask all the guests to come to the edge of the dance floor, and from now on they are the judges, and they will choose by applause after we watch the 3 performance:

Every man of the 3 winner dance solo to the bride in any way he chooses, sexy, pop, rop, romantic, funny… Dj play music to support the dancers.

After the 3 dances Dj ask the crowed to clap, scream, shout to their favorite, and he announce the names one after the other.

Once we have the winner we can do one of three thing to finish the game:
  • 1. We can give him a present and thank him
  • 2. We can get him to remove the grater
  • 3. We can blind fold him, and tell him that he is about to remove the garter, What we don’t tell him is that the bride will be swapping over with a man in a dress with a garter on (this needs to be arranges and organized before hand)
How many years have you been married:

This is a game for all the audience, and it is a great way to acknowledge the oldest married couple, which is usually the bride or groom grandparent.

We plan this in advanced and make sure we know who is the oldest married couple that will attend the wedding, then we ask them what was their bridal dance (you can do that by simple letting them know that you are having a hard time choosing your own and you where thinking of them and what song did they had.

On the wedding day after all the other games, and as the last game we ask all the married couple to stand up, then we say, if you been married for one year sit down the n5 years, 10, 15 , 20 and so on, once we reach the oldest married couple we let them know that this is a great achievement in this day and age and we have a gift for them, and could they please step into the dance floor to relive their bridal dance.

This usually follows by emotional sigh from the gusts.

After a minute or so we ask the newly wed to join the dance floor, then after another minute we ask the bridal party to join in, and then all the gusts, and here we are back on the dance floor we can play another slow number, and then pump it up and keep going till the end of the night.