Denise Stone Principal on behalf of Spearwood Alternative School
May 28, 2015

What do we want at camp?? DISCO! ?Who do we want to DJ?? Avi! Avi!! Avi!!!Avi's personality is like his music, bringing great joy to our camp disco [and other school celebrations]. Our kids love him. Staff and parents love him too for what he gives to, inspires and brings out in, our kids.

The additional elements [lights, smoke, bubbles] you included in our disco dance party Avi gave the night that aura of surprise, wonder and delight beyond the expected. Kids from kindergarten [and younger siblings] through to year 2 rocked and rolled and developed a style all their own with your music leading them.

Then as the little guys went off to bed the kids to year 7s and their older siblings took the floor by storm. Whoo hoo!! See them dance! Thanks for your music and your energy, your generosity and your vibe. We all slept well that night ? no worries waiting for the revved up kids to get to sleep. They had danced their socks off and tired and happy went to bed.Having a familiar and ?on call? DJ makes events organising easier, minimises anxiety and ensures success. Avi you are a phenomenon! We love you, you?re certainly our DJ of choice.