7 Steps for your perfect event
May 19, 2015

This document is to help you bring more organization and attention to the music and the space of the dance floor at your event, be it a wedding, a corporate function a private party, a 21st or a birthday gathering.

1 – planning your event:
  • Plan ahead, its attention to detail that makes the difference.
  • Allow plenty of time to prepare.
  • Make a list and shop smart.
  • Things are hectic when event-time approaches so stay organized.
  • Write a time line to action your to do list.

This will ensure that you take care for the different aspects of your event, what your guests like, the venue you are using and the best way to organize the space.

Make a written plan for the event, the timing for the food, speeches, cake cutting, dancing, birthday song… and any other special moment that you would like to include, have it as guide line and not a strong rule. This will give some structure to the event and peace of mind to the organizer in the weeks leading up to the event.

You should allow a few months before the event, and liaise with the professionals that you hire. With the DJ you should talk about the different aspects of the music, and the event schedule.

It is good to have a copy of the event schedule to give to the DJ and any other major professionals on the night such as Caterer, Photographer and so on.

2 – Choosing the music for your event:

Consider the music that you love and also the guests that are coming, what age group they are? Then liaise with you DJ about what will be the best music for the event.

I found that you can roughly divide the event into 3 parts:

  • 1. The beginning which is usually welcoming and chilled music, People just arrive and mingle between themselves and getting comfortable into the venue and the atmosphere.
  • 2. Then a bit more racy, something groovy, funky, the guests are a bit loader now, they been drinking, eating meeting friends, and they feel good and ready for a party.
  • 3. Party time, everyone is ready to get down on the dance floor.

With the guide lines of the 3 parts it is easy to talk about the different styles of music for the event and gives you a chance to have an input for the different music that you love, the chill stuff, as well as the pumping beats.

For people that like to have their own signature on the music for the night I suggest that they will choose 10 songs for each part. Like this it is not a big task for them, and they can focus on the songs they love best and trust the DJ to continue in the style that they have chosen.

All that said, I would recommend to listen to your DJ, as he is a professional that been doing this week in week out for years, and can let you know if your ideas will work and what time it will be best to include them, and can give you lots of suggestion that will support your event.

Over all a professional mobile DJ should listen to you and help you to create the event that you want.

3 –Organizing the space for the dance floor:

You want the dance floor to be centrally located to create the party atmosphere. Around the dance floor you can create a seating and mingling area. I have been to some events where they put the dace floor in a separate room, or away from the center of the event, and it is unlikely that people will come to the dance floor if it is away.

Having a DJ that will move with the atmosphere and the guests will help in creating a great event. To begin with the volume will be soft and the music will be welcoming, and the gusts can mingle on the dance floor and later on when it is party time then naturally people start dancing, we pick up the volume and away we go.

  • Make a space near the dance floor for used glasses and make signs for people not to take their glasses on the dance floor, I have seen to many broken glasses, and it is very easy to avoid this with some tables and signing.
  • Make allocated space for the smokers, away from the center of the event, this will give them their space to smoke and will respect all the other guests.
4 –Have an MC for your event:

The MC facilitate the night and keep track of the timing and what comes next and gives you peace of mind to relax and enjoy the event. He welcomes everybody, introduce the special moments and speeches and become a familiar face for the guests.

Even if there is not much to say it is good to have one person that can be in control, and not drink for the entire event.

I am usually that person when I am The DJ, and apart from all the reason mentioned above, it is good to have a sober point of contact with a microphone in his hand in case of emergency.

5 – Using a professional DJ service

The music and the dance floor at your event will create lasting memories for you and your guests for years to come. In this spirit I recommend that you will choose a professional DJ that will take care of all the musical aspect on the night.

Using a professional DJ will ensure that your event run smoothly, you have top quality equipment, the volume is just right and the continuity of the music is seamless throughout the night.

6 – Finishing the preparations for the event the day before the event.

Plan the event so on the day of the event you can potter around the house and enjoy the day and the idea that all your friends and family will soon come to your event and have a great time.

If the event is at your place, then you can enjoy decorating the little cornet of your home and making the space look special. If it is at a hired venue then you might like to relax for the day, do something special. You might went to invite a friend to join you.

Have fun, play and make your enjoyment of the event a priority and treat yourself as one of the most important guests that come to your event.

7 - The day after the party

You kick back and enjoy the memories from the night before, without needing to return hired equipment etc. as your DJ had already taken care of that.